Thursday 24 January 2013

Best Android based Mobile auto dialers and CRMs

'My Sales Dialer' is a patent Mobile based Auto Dilaer and CRM with a centralized agent management system. Power dialers always works better than predictive dialers in B2B environment, because in B2B caller usually calls important contacts. And once client received a blank call (by predictive dialer) he moves that contact to the block list. Power dialers are less costly than predictive dialers and do not require multiple agents for use.

‘MySalesdialer is a true mobile based dialer which means you have to lug it with you wherever you go in order to take advantage of its uses. My Sales dialer provides its users freedom of working in office – enabling freedom of travel whether it is for business or pleasure.’

This enables and empowers hard-working small business owners and individual to hire tele-services agents around the world and assign them specific tele-service task using Agent Reporting an
d Management module.

The tasks could be anything: Telemarketing, Reminder Services, Collection Services, Insurance Services, Invitation Services, Survey Services and the list can go on....

Just Register at
Register all your tele-service agents in your account and get their phones validated through SMS verification (Your agents could be at any part of the world)
Have your agents purchase My Sales Dialer android app
They can see the training video to effectively use the app
You distribute the calling lists to your agents (each could be assigned separate lists, or one list depending upon your preference)
Let them work and sync the data from their app and you can see their progress report and share with your clients right from the dashboard!

So by using My Sales Dialer one can save cost as well as can manage the remote working staff from one centralized place.

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